I dreaded applying for a loan, but my bills got behind while I was overseas and I didn’t have a choice. Since my credit is not great, I was worried that I would have a hard time finding help. Thank God for USMLC! The money arrived quickly and I even had a little extra left over after the bills were caught up. The fees were reasonable, and they always answered the phone if I had a question. I highly recommend USMLC to anyone needing a military loan.

John Jacobs, PFC
US Marine Corps

Another guy in my unit told me about USMLC, so when I found out I was in danger of losing my car due to late payments, I called them immediately. The staff was helpful and professional, and I had the money the next day. I was able to pay all of the past due notes and late fees, and the repayment terms were so easy.

Carl Rothenberg, SA
US Navy

It's hard being stationed overseas away from my family, and even harder when I know they are struggling to pay the bills. USMLC was able to loan me enough to help out – even with my less than perfect credit - and the money really came in handy when I got my leave. You should have seen the boys’ faces when I told them we were finally going on that family fishing trip we have been planning for years. I can’t thank USMLC enough.

Timothy Brent, PO1
US Coast Guard

I enjoy Army life and love my career, but being away for months at a time can really do a number on my finances and my credit score. Luckily, I found USMLC while looking online. One call, a ten-minute application process, and I had the money wired within 24 hours of approval. Repayment was a snap, and when I finished my latest tour of duty, I actually had a nice little nest egg built up.

Cheryl Higgins, 1LT
US Army

All it took to wipe out my bank account was an unexpected medical emergency. Between recovering from surgery and dealing with stress on the job, the last thing I needed was to worry about being sued over medical bills – and my credit score could not really afford to take another hit. USMLC loaned me enough to pay the remainder of my hospital bill and stop the harassing phone calls. The USMLC rep was friendly and seemed to really understand my situation, and the fees were minimal. Thanks so much, USMLC.

Alexander Ross, SSgt
US Air Force

U.S. Military Lending Corps. helped me Finance my kitchen on very short notice. Their customer service is unmatched and very accomodating. With the help of Wendy in customer service I was able to get my loan serviced in a very timely manner, which in turn allowed me to meet all scheduled contracting dates for the installation of my NEW Kitchen. Thank you USMLC for being there for me in a time when I most needed it, I could not have asked for a better loan servicer!!


I have been an on going customer with USMLC for the past 3 years. Being in the military, they are quick to help with money for bills or Holiday's. I love their professionalism and Wendy is an absolute pleasure to deal with for your customer service needs. Thanks USMLC.


Truly a professional organization. Customer service was friendly and helpful A+ in my book. When other said no USMLC said yes. THANKS!!!!

D. Williams

My name is Nathaniel Jackson i am a soldier in the united states army and i am currently deployed .I would just like to take time out to thank one of your your employee's by the name of wendy and express my grattitude.She was very patient and helpful in everything i asked her i could not have been more happy with her profesionalism.With customer service like that i see myself going anywhere else withmy business thank you again for your time and have a nice day i look forward to doing business with your comany again.

Nathaniel Jackson

My name is SPC Matthew Bresley I was in a tight spot due to my life style as a military service member. I have four children and a beautiful wife, US Military Lending Corp came to my aid when I was out of options. They proved to be effective and got me a loan in a timely manner. The process was swift and completely simple. Thank you to Ms Debra for her kindness.

SPC Matthew Bresley

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